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Ototeknik Automotive was founded in 1999. Automotive sector that we represent is one of the most dynamic and effective leading elite institutions in any country. Ototeknik Automotive Software, Automotive Test Equipment, Electronics Laboratory and Services form Ototeknik Automotive Software Corporation. Ototeknik Automotive integrates in its activity three most important industries – automotive, electronic and computer. The main purpose of our activity is to provide dynamic development and improvement of our products (diagnostic hardware, assisted software and database).
Every of our sectors (Automotive Software, Automotive Test Equipment, Electronics Laboratory and Services) has a strong professional team that all together ensure success of our activity.
Ototeknik Automotive Software Corporation is well-known at both domestic and international automotive markets. We remain one of the leading companies in our sector due to the use of advanced technologies, high quality of our products and after-sales support.
Our company invests a lot into constant development of its products and services to provide "customer satisfaction". This goal is reached by regular upgrading of our employees’ professional skills.
Ototeknik Automotive team’s vision is: customers’ satisfaction from the use of our products is more important for us than the amount of our sales. We beleive that finally our customers loyalty and trust will make us win more.

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