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All software and firmware updates can be downloaded from the internet,with no need replace spare parts or to wait for Couriers with update CDs.Nowadays technology evolves very fast and we intend to evolve in same way by developing and updating our products constantly.


By phone or by internet you have the posibility to make questions about the usage and functions of our tool.This seervice is provided directly by the manufacturer and the distrubuter in each country world wide. Please check our web page at www.ototeknik.com or send an e-mail to \n sales@ototeknik.com and we will answer your queries or contact you with the nearest distrubuter details. Due to the huge technological advances made by the automotive industry recently,vehicles now include many new types of electronic systems.In the latest generation of vehicles these improve security,comfort and driving environment. This makes the diagnosis and repair of vehicles far more complex and time consuming. OTOTEKNIK's goal is to shorten the diagnosis time and greatly improve the efficiency of the repair,using our 9 year experience in automotive diagnostics. To achieve that goal,we have developed the MRC21, a diagnostic tool which is not only easy to use but also has a vast array of manufacturer specific high specification functions,such as ECU programming and configuration. The MRC21 is based on the MRC21 concept,has been enchanced our 9 years of experience.it has been improved by adding many special functions and completely new software and hardware interface.

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